Jikoen Buddhist Women's Association

Fujinkai. JWS. JBWA. Over the years, this organization has seen a number of name changes, but it has always been recognized for the strong, vibrant, joyful and hard-working ladies that make up its membership. From its beginnings in 1941, its members have passionately upheld the purposes of the organization: to promote and propagate Jodo Shinshu Buddhism; to participate in and support temple activities; to promote fellowship among the members; and to participate in activities that will promote and improve the general welfare of the community.*

The ladies are present at every function, always working hard and always having a good time. Their handmade nantu and tsukemono, and especially their andagi offered at temple fundraisers are famous throughout the island--they sell out long before the end of the event! The JBWA is also a very generous organization, supporting the Jikoen Dharma School and Lumbini Preschool with significant monetary contributions for various projects and initiatives.

Our JBWA ladies exemplify dana, inspire with their strength, and touch others with their loving kindness. They serve as role models to the younger generation of our temple and we thank them for being an integral part of Jikoen for 70 years.

*HOSHA: A Pictorial History of Jodo Shinshu Women in Hawaii. (1989).