Sangha Family Service - Except for the last Sunday of the month, Jikoen Sangha Family Service is conducted every Sunday at 9:00 am.  This includes the Nembutsu Meditation, chanting of the sutra, minister's message, and singing gathas.


Japanese Language Service - Last Sunday of each month at 9:00 am.

Hongwanji Radio Programs
Dharma Messages in Japanese and English
KZOO 1210 AM
Saturdays at 7:30AM
Saturdays 7:45AM-8:00AM Moiliili Hongwanji's "The White Way"
Television Programs
Olelo TV Channel 55
"Shin Buddhism" airs 6:00pm every 4th Friday of the month
12noon every Tuesday (No program on the 5th Tuesday)
Search "Shin Buddhism" at for on-demand videos and audios of past shows

Other Services

Blessings -  Resident minister conducts a blessing service for special occasions such as groundbreaking, housewarming for new residences, dedication of new graveside, or other occasions. Please feel free to cntact Jikoen for further information.


Columbarium - Jikoen Hongwanji Mission provides a final resting place of cremation urns that contains the ashes of your deceased loved ones. Built in 1964, the columbarium was officially dedicated in December 2008 and is currently available to the members of the Jikoen temple.

The hours for viewing of the columbarium are: Monday through Fridays – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday – 8:00 am to 11:00 am.  To visit the columbarium outside of these hours, please contact Jikoen at 845-3422.

For more information on the policies of the Jikoen Hongwanji Mission Columbarium, click here

Application Form for the Columbarium


Counseling - Confidential counseling with the Reverend Shindo Nishiyama is available and appointments may be made by calling 845-3422.


Funeral Services -  Depending on the wishes fo the family, funeral services may be be conducted at the temple or at the mortuary of choice.   Funeral service consists of chanting of Shoshinge, the offering of incense, the reading of Gobunsho, "Hakkotsu no Sho" the white ashes, minister's memorial message, and then the presentation of the Buddha Dharma Name by resident minister.


Infant Presentation Shosanshiki - Parents may formally present their child to the Buddha and Sangha for the first time on this occasion to express their appreciation to the Buddha for blessing their child in the Buddha Dharma.  The ceremony is held at the temple with other childreon or privately.


Last Rites-Bedside Services - Traditionally, this bedside service is conducted as the person's last opportunity to express gratitude to the Buddha.  Today, it is commonly held upon passing.  The resident minister chants sutra at the person's side to express gratitude for their dedication and devotion in the Buddha Dharma.


Memorial Services - Family Memorial Service is conducted at the temple, home, or gravesite with the memorial chanting of sutra, minister's message, and offering of incense in memory of their beloved ones.


Weddings - Wedding Ceremonies may be conducted inside or outside of the temple with chanting, exchange of vows, and presentation of Nenju.

For other services not listed or for special requests, please contact the resident minister at 845-3422.