Jikoen Buddhist Temple watercolor painting
Watercolor by Kenneth Nishihara, a Jikoen temple member

Jikoen is a welcoming Buddhist community that provides a place and opportunities for all to connect with each other socially, culturally, and spiritually with joy and gratitude. It is a place to hear, live, and share the teachings of the Buddha.

Jikoen means Garden of the Compassionate Light and Wisdom of Amida Buddha. It is a Shin Buddhist temple and a member of the Hongwanji network of temples in Hawaii.

Shin Buddhism is a religion of awareness and gratitude. When we become aware of all that which is given to us and done for us by people and forces known and unknown, we respond in gratitude. And when we experience profound gratitude, we express it in the words, Namo Amida Butsu.   We believe that from gratitude flows well-being, happiness, harmony, and kindness.