Rev. Shindo NishiyamaRev. Shindo Nishiyama offers many services to our sangha and the wider community.

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The resident minister conducts blessing services for special occasions such as groundbreaking, housewarming for new residences, dedication of new graveside, or other occasions. Please feel free to contact Jikoen at 845-3422 for further information.
Spiritual and Personal Counseling
Confidential spiritual and personal counseling with the Reverend Shindo Nishiyama is available and appointments may be made by calling 845-3422. Reverend Nishiyama provides an emotionally supportive and non-judgmental environment to help clients find pathways to deal with personal challenges and issues.
Funeral Services
Depending on the wishes of the family, funeral services may be conducted at the temple or at the mortuary of the family’s choice. A traditional funeral service consists of the chanting of Shoshinge, the offering of incense, the reading of “Hakkotsu no Sho” (The White Ashes), minister’s memorial message, and the presentation of the Buddha Dharma Name by resident minister.

Families who wish to modify the service can discuss their wishes with Rev. Nishiyama.

Infant Presentation - Shosanshiki
Parents may formally present their child to the Buddha and Sangha for the first time to express their appreciation to the Buddha for blessing their child in the Buddha Dharma. The ceremony may be held at the temple with other children or privately.
Last Rites/Bedside Services
Traditionally, this bedside service is conducted as the person’s last opportunity to express gratitude to the Buddha. It is also commonly held upon passing. The resident minister chants a sutra at the person’s side to express gratitude for their dedication and devotion in the Buddha Dharma and meets with family members.
Memorial Services
Family Memorial Services are conducted at the temple, home, or gravesite with the memorial chanting of sutra, minister’s message, and offering of incense in memory of loved ones.
Wedding Ceremonies may be conducted inside or outside of the temple with chanting, exchange of vows, and presentation of Nenju. Modifications to personalize the ceremony can be discussed with Rev. Nishiyma.
Hospital/Day Care Visitation
Upon family request, Rev. Nishiyama will schedule regular visits to patients.
Butsudan Dedication Service
Jikoen offers a personalized family service to dedicate a new Butsudan at home or for the closure of a Butsudan before is disposed of.

For other services not listed or for special requests, please contact the resident minister at (808) 845-3422.