There a number of ways to enjoy the Jikoen community as it works and plays.

Sunday Family Service

Looking over the filled pews to the altar at the Hatsubon service at Jikoen in 2017Our weekly family service is typically Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. Drop by and join Jikoen members as they celebrate and explore the teachings of the Buddha through simple rituals, song, and listening to Dharma Messages. See Order of Sunday Service for what to expect at a typical service.


dancing around the yagura under the lanterns at nightIn July, Jikoen puts on the highlight of the summer. For two nights, you are invited to dance to live Okinawan music in gratitude for the people seen and unseen, and forces known and unknown that have made your life possible. In between dances, enjoy our food booths, tour the temple, and enjoy the festive life of Jikoen. We’ll add details to the calendar as they become available.

Fundraising Events

Rev. Nishiyama in apron barbecuing chickenJikoen’s three major fundraising events each year are its two BBQ Chicken Sales and a Bazaar featuring bargains in clothes, toys, books, dishes, and household goods. Come and buy or better yet, come and work side by side with Jikoen members and enjoy the vibrancy of our community.