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Ukajidebiru is an Okinawan expression of gratitude to those who make our lives possible. Guided by this theme, Jikoen embarks on a fundraising campaign to improve its facilities to serve current and future generations. Out of a deep sense of gratitude, we wish to continue Jikoen’s legacy of connecting members of our community one to another.


Jikoen School St. temple with many ministers and sangha members posing for photo
There have been no major improvements made to the current temple since it was built in 1964.

The first Jikoen temple was built in 1938. From the start, Jikoen’s spirit of openness and acceptance was extended to the Okinawan community and to the community-at-large. Jikoen continues to play a role in serving our community here in Hawaii and overseas. Today this spirit of acceptance and enthusiasm for life in each unrepeatable moment is shared with all through the Shin Buddhist philosophy of gratitude, compassion and kindness.

The current temple and the Okinawa Memorial Hall were completed in 1964. As the facilities aged, a number of small improvement and maintenance projects were completed. However, since 1964, no major improvement projects were undertaken. Though time has taken a toll on our buildings, we intend to erase its effects with your help.

The Campaign

The goal of the Jikoen Improvement Project is to raise $1,000,000 to address all of the important concerns that will make the facilities safe and accessible and ensure that it continues to serve the community for another 50 years. The critical projects are highlighted here. The highest priorities are to install an elevator making the temple accessible to all, and addressing safety issues such as the deteriorating walls surrounding the property.

Additional plans include upgrading and expanding the bathroom and kitchen facilities, as well as adding air conditioning to the Okinawa Memorial Hall to better meet the needs of those who use the facilities.

These improvements will transform the gathering experience of all users by increasing the level of comfort.

Major Projects

  • Access for All
    The highest priority is an elevator-lift so all can safely access the temple.
  • Safety
    Unsafe walls need attention.
  • Repair and Maintenance
    The temple tower, roof and walls need to be restored.
  • Improvements
    To better serve members and the public, major projects include upgrades to the bathroom and kitchen facilities, along with adding air conditioning to the Social Hall.

How to Contribute

Jikoen Capital Campaign Donation Form

When considering a gift to the Capital Campaign, we invite you to contact temple leaders through the Jikoen office, (808)845-3422 or

Checks may be made out to Jikoen Hongwanji, with “Capital Campaign” in the memo line, and mailed to 1731 N. School St., Honolulu, HI 96819 along with the donation form.

A number of supporters have chosen to make substantial pledges that they are fulfilling with monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments. We welcome pledges.

Company Stock
Donating appreciated stock can yield significant tax benefits. Please contact the office and your tax advisor for more information.

Mahalo for your consideration!

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