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Members Rember — by Fujie Onishi

The following remembrance by Fujie Onishi appeared in a booklet created in 2008 for the 70th anniversary of Jikoen Hongwanji.

Fujie Onishi

I remember a Jikoen temple visitation by Lady Yoshiko Ohtani as the most memorable one for our family. Prior to her Fujinkai service attendance as officiant, our family was honored to have her spend a short time to rest at our residence. We spent countless hours preparing for Lady Ohtani’s brief stay. Her attendants visited our home ahead of time to be sure that the accommodations were suitable for her to change into her ceremonial kimono.

Lady Ohtani walked over to the Jikoen temple through the gated hibiscus hedge. Of course, our minds were running helter-skelter the entire time but Lady Ohtani was the most gracious dignitary whose presence in our humble residence will forever be cherished in our memories.

I will be 95 years old this year, and my Jikoen years with personal ties to its endearing ministers and members will remain a very important part of my spiritual growth and appreciation.