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Ukajidebiru: Jikoen Capital Campaign update

Ukajidebiru is an Okinawan expression of gratitude to those who make our lives possible.


Jikoen School St. temple with many ministers and sangha members posing for photo
There have been no major improvements made to the current temple since it was built in 1964.

The first Jikoen temple was built in 1938. From the start, Jikoen’s spirit of openness and acceptance was extended to the Okinawan community and the community-at-large. Today this spirit of acceptance and enthusiasm for life is shared with all through the Jodo Shin Buddhist philosophy of gratitude, compassion and kindness.

The current temple and Okinawa Memorial Hall were completed in 1964. For the last 54 years, no major improvements were undertaken. Though time has taken a toll on our facilities, we intend to erase its effects.

Campaign Goals

example of an elevator lift
An Elevator-Lift similar to the one shown above will be completed in June 2019.

The goal of Ukajibebiru is to raise $1 million to address accessibility, safety, and health issues. The priorities are as follows:

  • Install an elevator-lift.
  • Repair water leaks from the windward walls.
  • Bring waste disposal systems up to code.
  • Replace railings.
  • Repair roof leaks and tower damage.
  • Replace damaged perimeter walls.
  • Rehabilitate electrical system.
  • Improve safety in parking areas.
  • Renovate kitchen and restroom facilities in install a cooling system in Okinawa Memorial Hall.


The first $170,000 of the campaign is going directly towards the installation of an Elevator-Lift. The design is complete and building permits are in process. The target date for completion is June 2019. The windward temple walls have been repaired, and improvements to the waste disposal system in the Okinawan Memorial Hall are underway.

The second phase of projects to be funded by the campaign are the replacement of the railing, repairs to the temple roof and tower, and replacement of damaged perimeter walls.

The third phase of projects will include rehabilitating the electrical system and renovating kitchen and restroom facilities in the Okinawa Memorial Hall.

Financial Update

Jikoen has collected $413,000 in donations and revenues from fundraising events. An additional $194,500 has been pledged. This amount is coming in through monthly, quarterly, and yearly payments from donors.

The results of the campaign, as we move towards the end of 2018, are:

  • $413,000 in the bank.
  • $194,500 to be collected.
  • We have raised a total of $607,500 in two years.

OUR GOAL FOR 2019 IS $392,500. WE CAN DO IT. CHIBARIYO!!!!!!

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